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CAMAC Open studio event

2 May 2011 For the Open studio event on 28 April, I exhibited 3 pieces that I had created as part of the residency at CAMAC, France. The End of the Line Marker pen, confetti, 5 speakers, fan, wooden triangle, … Continue reading

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Marnay-sur-Seine recordings

23 April 2011 Ive been in Marnay-sur-Seine for nearly a month now and have gathered sound recordings everyday.  As I have so many recordings, not all of them will be included into the Open studio event at CAMAC on 28 … Continue reading

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Under the Seine

20 April 2011 During the Siege of Paris between 1870- 71, the Prussians disrupted the communication into and out of Paris.  They cut the last secret telegraph cable, located in the bed of the River Seine on 27 September.  CAMAC … Continue reading

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M and X soundscape

15 April 2011 Dropping stations 2 4 balloons, open back book shelf, pebbles, pin, 4 bowls containing water and a pully device made from found metal, string, cable ties and plastic tubing As a result of the sounds generated from … Continue reading

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Dawn chorus at CAMAC

2 April 2011 Its 6.30am (5.30am at home in Leicester) and I can hear the dawn chorus of songbirds singing and a rooster.  The birds aren’t singing to celebrate the start of a new day, this chorus of songs occurs … Continue reading

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